What is Sefton 2030?

Sefton in 2030

Through previous consultation and engagement and partnership work with communities and local businesses, we have been able to identify the following key themes.

In 2030 Sefton is a happy and safe place where residents take charge of their own lives, looking out for each other and playing a strong role in their communities. Our most vulnerable people are protected and safe from harm. People in Sefton receive the right help, in the right way at the right time, making the most of its assets to make sure residents enjoy local, co-ordinated support. Sefton is a place where businesses, buildings, transport, the environment and housing are sustainable and resilient in 2030.

In 2030 people in Sefton are happy, healthy and independent, ready for change, having enjoyed the best possible start in life. Children receive some of the best early-learning before going on to enjoy a world class education and the best training opportunities, which continue throughout their lives as they become adults. There are learning and development opportunities for all, with everyone able to enjoy something that is right for then. There is a strong co-operative ethos embodied by our residents, who look out for each other across the generations. People in Sefton are living healthy lives and ageing well in 2030.

In 2030 Sefton remains a great place with a real sense of community, a vibrant cultural offer, clear heritage and is welcoming to all. It is an area that attracts and retains young people, making the most of their potential in diverse job roles as they enjoy the artisan vibe of 2030s Sefton, where they have choices. There is a range of housing, offering choice for all. Powered by its communities and businesses, Sefton's regeneration continues so that people of all ages enjoy work, leisure and socialising close to home in 2030.

In 2030 Sefton has harnessed its outstanding natural beauty to be recognised and celebrated across the globe for the conservation of its coast, marinas, woodlands, parks and canals, as well as the exciting and sensitive way it enables people to enjoy these great assets. It sets the bar in cutting edge green solutions, integrating renewable energy, housing and attractions in a way that protects local nature and wildlife. Sefton is renowned for its warm, friendly people who welcome visitors and take great pride in keeping the borough safe, clean and attractive in 2030.

In 2030 Sefton is a borough that encourages residents and visitors of all ages to be social. From taking a walk along one of its fantastic beaches, playing in its floral greenspaces or feeling the rush of adrenaline at Southport Air show, Sefton is somewhere to live, work and visit. A place where you can tee off at a world famous golf course or launch a boat next to a work of art Sefton is a sporty borough with an unrivalled offering. Top of the range facilities and easy access leisure activities encourage everyone in Sefton to lead an active lifestyle, while thousands descend on the borough every year to enjoy major sporting events. Known for its arts and music scene, sports, events and magical sunsets, Sefton is a proud host in 2030.

In 2030 Sefton is linked with the wider city region and beyond, people can travel from east to west and north to south with ease. An eco-friendly borough, travel in Sefton is green, safe and affordable with all of its residents benefitting. Moving around Sefton has never been easier with specific routes helping residents and visitors reach homes, business and attractions quickly and safely. Sefton is also a cycling and walking friendly borough, with many residents enjoying keeping active on the move. An easy to visit borough with an envied public transport system, Sefton in 2030 is a place where everything is local.

In 2030 Sefton is home to many businesses, from small start-ups and global companies to social enterprises and community organisations, the borough is the right place for any size business to grow. With strong connectivity within the borough and beyond, Sefton businesses export more products and services than ever before. While all sectors work closely together to ensure the local community enjoys the benefits of a thriving economy and a skilled workforce. A place where people can reach their potential, in 2030 Sefton is home to businesses that champion social values and achieve success.

In 2030 Sefton is at the forefront of the latest digital and science technology, a place where creativity and innovation thrives thanks to a highly talented and skilled population. A borough ready for the future, we embrace the latest technology. While the creation of a new learning hub has seen the Sefton lead the way in coastal, maritime and natural sciences. With high speed Wi-Fi and easy connectivity, Sefton in 2030 is a future facing borough where residents and visitors can work, play and socialise at the fastest speeds.